Saturday, March 21, 2009

WOW have I had a slammin 2 days. It's the Blue grass Festival in Old Town and the streets are buzzin with spectators and bluegrass music enthusiasts.
We are constantly getting in new things - It's so much fun to see (and remember) what I've ordered.
I keep Dawn and Debbie constantly busy with ideas for cards and with my requests to make samples. Their work is ALL OVER the store. Remember - anytime you want you can take photos or we'll make a copy of the cards with any purchase in the store. We are so happy that you like our work.
Of course I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would all bring in your work - All 3 of us love to get ideas from you. So there is lots to see in the shop and I'm ordering new stuff all the time. It's so fun to see all of you walk thru the door.
I've started on my next altered book project for you. We are also planning to do the same book we did in the last class. You'll have some choices when you come in. I'm working on getting some help with our web site so I'll have more time to put together those distressed art samples.
As for knitting - still on the coat and the shawl :-( I'm sooooooo bored with them now and I need to move ON! But I'm determined to get them done before moving on.
I'll be off for the next 2 days YEAH! So I'll get in some much needed rest and knitting time.
Till next time - keep stampin, smilin, knittin, crochetin or whatever your craft may be - JUST TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT.
love to you all.......D :-)

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