Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well my daughter gave me the gift of a rare day off in the MIDDLE of the week. It was great however she did call a few times but she had a great day so that was ok!
Thank you to some of you that have signed on to follow this. It's really fun to do this everyday and not have to wait on the great Randini to publish my comments. This is just great!
And speaking of the great Randini - he's sitting here on the couch being his usual hilarious self - picking on me of course. I think he needs a road trip.
I've gotten lots of knitting done while waiting for tax persons to contact me about how much it's going to cost to finally get this done. We are looking for someone to do our biz and personal taxes - we had to let our person go from last year. So I kinda like interviewing the potential person. Maybe you guys could pass along some names and phone numbers to us. We don't have lots of money to spend on taxes - so reasonably priced are the words of the day.
I also now have some time to put together our next altered project. I've got some great ideas and want to do a sort of nautical theme or a time flies kind of theme. We'll see where my muse takes me.
But whatever the theme - I've been studying some new techniques using some real mixed media - it should be fun.
I've been busy ordering some new art stamps to do some new altered things. Got a new company coming into the store.
Also got some new Art Impressions stamps and we'll be doing a new watercolor class - An English Countryside - soooooooo cute.
I'm also working on a flower soft framed picture that is turning out really well. - If it works - we'll do that as a class.
It's so much fun to be back creating - MAN OH MAN - rest is a beautiful thing to get your muse back!!!!!!!!
Till next time........

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  1. OK, here is your first Comment. About Time!!!!
    LOL just kidding. hummmm Water colors! don't do it to soon. I'd like to be in on it. sound cool. I always wanted to do a water color class. Love ya!